The Spokane Comedy Club’s “tragic” comedy show that ‘didn’t get out’

The Spokane comedy club, known for its award-winning show The Bunch, has decided to cancel its next comedy show due to “health and safety concerns”.

The show, called The Bum, had been due to be held at the Spokane Comedy Centre (SPC) on March 31.

It had been planned for the SPC’s South Street Studios.

In a statement on the Spokane City Council website, the club’s artistic director, Karen Schramm, said that due to concerns over the health and safety of performers and staff, the show would not be happening.

“We want to take this opportunity to say goodbye to The Bunt,” she said.

The Bump had been scheduled to be hosted by comedian Sarah Jones, who is also a member of the Spokane International Film Festival.

The show’s production company, the Spokesman-Review, had not yet been informed of the cancellation.

It is not known when the show will return.

“SPC staff, including the executive director and head of production, have been monitoring the situation and will continue to monitor it,” the statement continued.

The Spokane Independent has contacted the SPCA for further comment. “

This is a very difficult time for everyone involved and we appreciate the support and understanding of the community.”

The Spokane Independent has contacted the SPCA for further comment.

The cancellation follows a spate of recent deaths of comedy performers, including: The comedian who died of a heart attack at a comedy club in New York in July 2016, and a former performer who died in August at the same venue.