How to Survive a World Without the World’s Most Influential Comedians

How to Live without the Worlds Most Influenced Comedians is a documentary about life without the world’s most influential comedians.The film follows three comedians who became disillusioned with life after the birth of their son.Each of the three is now […]

Comedian David Arnold joins forces with actor Matt Bellamy to launch ‘Troll’ TV series – AFR

Comedian and actor Matt Smith is launching his own brand of humour called ‘Trolling the Trolls’ with the creation of a series of television shows based on the books of David Arnold.Smith is taking the name of the ‘Tolley Brothers’, […]

How Baltimore’s ‘Comedy Factory’ Is Building the Next Generation of Hip-Hop stars

The Baltimore comedy factory is a place where people of all ages can learn, perform, and collaborate.And it’s where some of the biggest names in hip-hop are coming from.BuzzFeed News sat down with comedian and Baltimore-based hip-hippy star, Kimberly Clark.BuzzFeed […]