The Big Bang Theory (TV series) review: ‘It’s a great, great thing’

A great, good thing: This week’s episode of The Big Show, which airs on Monday nights, brought some serious comedic tension to the titular episode.

After watching an episode of Law & Order, the show’s resident crime-fighter, Kevin Smith went on a rampage and killed a cop, which immediately caused a great deal of social unrest in New York City.

But then, when he returned to the show a few weeks later, the two sides started to work out some of their differences.

The Big Shot was a pretty good show, which had a very smart sense of humor, but there was a certain amount of political commentary, and it had a certain sort of moral ambiguity about what was right and what was wrong.

When Smith’s character finally came clean to his boss, the rest of the cast was very impressed with the honesty of his intentions.

Smith’s performance also managed to take some of the sting out of the show, because, as he told the cast, he’s been on a mission to “find a way to bring about change.”

I mean, that’s kind of a big deal, isn’t it?

Smith was the kind of character that you want to see on a sitcom, a guy who would have a tough time explaining himself and be in the position of needing to justify himself.

And it worked.

It was a good way to make Smith seem like an earnest guy.

And while the episode itself was a little bit formulaic, there were some moments when the writers had some real fun.

For instance, Smith had the audacity to say, “I’ll be honest with you: I’m not very good at it.”

He then proceeded to do a few quick and impromptu improvisations.

(That’s not a real joke.

It’s just the kind that makes him sound like a pretty smart person.)

And when Smith started making up his mind about what to do, we saw him trying to come up with some ideas for how to handle the situation.

“I want to try and talk to the guy in the car,” Smith said to his co-workers.

And then he did a little flip-flopping, saying that he wanted to talk to a cop.

“We have to keep the police away,” Smith later said.

That’s a lot of flirting.

He had a lot more ideas.

And that was a really nice way to start off the episode.

Smith then went on to explain that he wasn’t afraid to take on people, as long as they were honest about it.

“There’s always a way,” Smith continued.

“You have to have a sense of honor, and you have to be very, very brave.”

The Big Team is a good show.

But it’s also an excellent example of how the show works.

It never fails to deliver.

You just have to love the writers, and this was an episode that was both funny and, in the case of Smith, heartfelt.

The show isn’t without flaws.

The way Smith talks to the cops in the pilot can get a little uncomfortable, and the character of the Big Shot can be a little self-centered.

And in the end, when Smith was finally able to convince the cop to get his hands off of the car, we never saw him act with any dignity.

But the show was definitely a lot funnier than it otherwise might have been.

And when it came to the bigger issue of social injustice, The Big Shots efforts paid off.