What do you think about the death of Chris Comedian?

Chris Comedians death has been ruled a suicide, which is the final word from his family, the actor’s brother, and his agent.

Chris Comedman was 66 years old.

According to TMZ, Chris Comedmian died from a single gunshot wound to the head, the most recent one being found in his bedroom.

The actor’s sister, Kaitlin, released a statement saying the family has been told Chris had been suffering from depression and had a history of suicide attempts.

The family’s attorney, Joe Schlesinger, has said the actor suffered from depression in recent years and had been struggling with it for several months.

Schlesner added, “His family has asked for privacy, and we will continue to work through the grieving process.”

We’re not sure why the family is waiting until now to release this news, but it does seem to suggest that Chris was dealing with depression and was trying to take his own life.

The news comes just a day after a spokesperson for Chris’ company, Chris Comix, told TMZ that the comedian had been working on a new comic book.

Comedian’s brother Chris told TMZ, “He is very close to me.

He is very good to me and to my family.

He’s just had a lot of stuff going on.”

Chris ComiComix is a comic book company, but the studio hasn’t said much about the news.

According a statement from Chris’ agent, the studio declined to comment.

Chris Comics most recent book, “A Boy and His Dog,” is set to be released in October, but a spokesperson told TheWrap that it is not due for a release until early 2018.

He will be missed by fans of the comedian, and the world at large.

ChrisComix and his work were recognized by the National Book Award and an Emmy Award, and he won an Oscar for best stand-up comic.

You can read more about Chris Comed’s career and work at TheWLWT.com.