The Spokane Comedy Club’s “tragic” comedy show that ‘didn’t get out’

The Spokane comedy club, known for its award-winning show The Bunch, has decided to cancel its next comedy show due to “health and safety concerns”.The show, called The Bum, had been due to be held at the Spokane Comedy Centre […]

Amy Schumer’s Comedian’s My First Comedic Movie 2020 is Coming to the Screen!

Next Big Futures, a leading independent comedy and television production company, is pleased to announce that Amy Schumer is teaming up with one of the leading independent comic creators, Tragic Comedy Films, to produce Amy Schumer: Comedian, My First Comedy […]

How to Survive a World Without the World’s Most Influential Comedians

How to Live without the Worlds Most Influenced Comedians is a documentary about life without the world’s most influential comedians.The film follows three comedians who became disillusioned with life after the birth of their son.Each of the three is now […]