How Fluffy Became the World’s Favorite Comedy Movie title Fluffy became the world’s favorite comedy movie, experts say

In 2006, Fluffy, a British sitcom about a group of misfits living together on the island of Fluffy-dubious Fluffy Island, became a major hit, making the top 20 of the British comedy movies chart.Since then, it’s gone on to be […]

Actor John Mulaney says he’s a fan of Donald Trump’s Comedy Central show, but he won’t be attending any upcoming shows

Actor John “Jello” Mulaney, who has starred in several movies including “The Wolf of Wall Street,” said in an interview with TMZ that he has “always loved” Donald Trump.Mulaney, 50, who plays Jello on the comedy series “The Tonight Show […]

How to defend your home against malicious computer attacks

We’ve all been there, when our computers get infected with a malicious virus.Sometimes they’re malicious enough to destroy everything on our computers, even though the virus isn’t actually malicious.But other times, we’ve been tricked into thinking our computer is infected, […]