10 great horror films you’re missing out on: 10 of my favorite horror movies

I love watching movies that take me on a dark, surreal journey and I’m always looking for more.If you’re looking for something different, then you can’t go wrong with this list of 10 great dark comedy movies.Whether it’s a horror […]

How to Get Away with Murder: ‘Bored to Death’ – ‘Crazy Town’

Crazier things have happened in New York City.Last week, the city’s comedy club, The Comedy Club, hosted a live show from an underground venue called the Crazy Town.As the show progressed, the crowd got louder and louder.The crowd roared its […]

HBO Comedy Series: ‘Sharknado: The Second Coming’ title ‘Sharks’ and ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ stars reunite for HBO Comedy series

A second season of the Sharknado franchise is scheduled to debut this spring.The two shows have a deal for the first installment to air on HBO in the fall.The series, produced by Warner Bros. Television, will also include two new […]