How to write and perform standup comedy movies: How to learn from the best

Comedians can become superstars when they work through a few simple tips to hone their craft and become the most valuable comedian on the planet.If you’re a fan of standup, you’ll want to know how to learn what it takes […]

How to Survive a World Without the World’s Most Influential Comedians

How to Live without the Worlds Most Influenced Comedians is a documentary about life without the world’s most influential comedians.The film follows three comedians who became disillusioned with life after the birth of their son.Each of the three is now […]

How to Be a Man in Hollywood: A Guide to Being a Celebrity Without Getting Married

This is a guest post from our friend Lauren, a former professional writer who now teaches at USC.Lauren and I are writing this article together for her first book, A Million Things You Can’t Say in Your Career: Secrets from […]