Comedian David Arnold joins forces with actor Matt Bellamy to launch ‘Troll’ TV series – AFR

Comedian and actor Matt Smith is launching his own brand of humour called ‘Trolling the Trolls’ with the creation of a series of television shows based on the books of David Arnold.Smith is taking the name of the ‘Tolley Brothers’, […]

Comedian Missy Higgins has a secret life, she says in her new book

Comedian and TV personality Missy Hughes has written a book, I Love You, You’re Mine: My Secret Life, that’s filled with personal anecdotes and personal confessions.In the book, she’s been very open about her struggle with depression and bipolar disorder, […]

Comedian David Cross on the ‘Boom’ Effect of Comedy, ‘Comedy TV Shows’

Comedian and writer David Cross says the “Boom” effect of comedy shows is creating an “enthusiasm bubble” that has created a “crazy” feeling among viewers, especially younger people.He says this “bubble” has led to the rise of “self-congratulatory comedy” and […]