Ron White: I don’t know how to tell a joke about the economy and immigration

Ron White, who has hosted Comedy Central’s “The Tonight Show” and hosted NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” has been criticized for his jokes about the economic collapse, immigration and the presidential race.

Ron White, host of NBC’s ‘The Tonight Nightly Show’ Ron White.

The Daily Show via Getty Images”I think the joke is, I know this country is in a really difficult economic situation and there’s a lot of stuff going on that needs to be said, but it’s important that people realize the economic situation that we’re in, because if you don’t, you’re going to be really frustrated with each other,” White said.

White said that while he didn’t intend to “take on immigration as a punchline” during the campaign, he has to deal with it in his work.

He said he’s had a lot to talk to people about immigration issues in recent weeks.

He said he has heard from people in the Hispanic community that they’re tired of being called names like ‘dirty Mexican.’

“I’ve been called the n-word and I’ve been asked, ‘What are you?

What are you doing with your life?’

I don [know],” White said during a January interview with the Daily Show.”

I’m trying to make a joke.

You know, I’m just trying to be funny.”

White said the comments have caused a lot more anxiety than he thought they would.

He’s heard from some people that they feel “disgusted.”

White also said that his jokes have made people feel more comfortable with immigrants and that he is “still learning” how to talk about immigration in a way that people can understand.

The jokes about immigration were not the only thing White was asked about during his appearance on “The Daily Show.”

He was also asked about how he felt about Donald Trump, whom he called a “bad man.”

White didn’t directly answer that question, but he did say he doesn’t think Trump is a bad man and that if he is elected, he won’t be around long.

The Daily Beast contacted White about his interview and will update this story when we get a response.

White also did not directly answer a question about whether he thinks the president will be impeached.