How to write a tragic comedy

The BBC has released a selection of tragic comedy sketches that have been inspired by real events.

The programme was produced by the production team at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The BBC’s website has a short list of the sketches that they’ve produced and it’s available to watch here.

Here’s a selection: The tragedy of a man dying at home on a Sunday The tragedy that leaves a woman pregnant The tragedy where a young man goes to prison for a crime that is not his fault.

There are two more episodes to come this season and BBC Worldwide will be showing the first of them on their website at 9pm tonight.

Here are a few more from the archive.

The drama about a man who is wrongly convicted The tragedy about a woman who refuses to accept her husband’s marriage The tragedy with a group of people who decide to get married The tragedy at a funeral ceremony When a family gathers to watch a tragedy at the cemetery The tragedy on a train The tragedy in a small town where the weather is bad The tragedy over a road The tragedy after an earthquake The tragedy when the wind blows from the north The tragedy as a young woman gets married The tragic tragedy of the road The tragic drama of a young couple with a child The tragedy behind a door The tragic comedy of a child and a father The tragic satire of a girl and a woman The tragic life of a widow The tragic tale of a father and a son The tragic family tragedy The tragic love story The tragic tragic comedy The tragic story of a housekeeper The tragic romance The tragic thriller The tragic romantic drama The tragic mystery The tragic dramatic comedy The tragedy the story of the mother and the father The tragedy a man and a girl trying to get home The tragic murder of a couple The tragic marriage of two young people The tragedy around a fire The tragic wedding The tragic road to love The tragic funeral The tragic bride and groom The tragic film The tragic car accident The tragic train journey The tragic movie theatre The tragic daydream The tragic news conference of the wife The tragic dinner party of the bride The tragic home of a wife and her husband The tragic morning of a husband and his wife The tragedy by the beach The tragic beach on a rainy day The tragic journey to love with a husband The tragedy inside a house The tragic night on a night out The tragic evening on a beach The tragedy during a wedding The tragedy between two lovers The tragic picnic in a bar The tragedy while on holiday The tragic holiday home of two friends The tragic theatre of a wedding and a bride The tragedy before a train ride The tragedy through a forest The tragic summer in a country park The tragic rain in a summer The tragic afternoon on a lake The tragedy to a boy The tragic winter in a village The tragedy, but for a dog The tragedy and the woman The tragedy which is going to take place at the wedding The drama of two lovers at a holiday camp The tragedy for a couple and their family The tragedy coming home from the cinema The tragedy from a car park The tragedy away from home The tragedy outdoors The tragedy outside the house The tragedy off to a wedding party The tragic plot The tragedy night out on a holiday The tragedy daydreaming on a summer’s day The tragedy wedding The dramatic tragic comedy Of a man trying to find a bride A young couple and a young boy A sad story with a tragic ending A sad tragedy with the same tragic ending The tragic music of a lover and a friend A young man and his sister The tragic couple and the young girl The tragedy’s mystery The tragedy story of an ordinary family The tragic relationship of two people with children The tragic death of a family The sad family tragedy, the woman and the boy The tragedy mystery on a wedding night The tragic beauty of a bride and her parents The tragic heartache of a friend The tragic joy of a mother and her daughter The tragic sad tragedy of an unmarried couple The tragedy drama of an elderly couple The dramatic tragedy of two married couples The tragic play of a schoolgirl The tragedy tragedy of her husband and her father The story of two beautiful young lovers The tragedy family drama The tragedy romantic drama of young lovers of a common parent The tragedy tragic romance of a very beautiful couple The very funny story of young people on a romantic holiday The very sad story of another lonely couple The family drama of four young people with their young children The tragedy romance of an uncles and a nephew The tragic friendship of a close friend and his daughter The tragedy comedy of an older couple The comedy of two brothers and sisters The tragedy holiday drama of the family The very tragic story about a family that has lost a child Source: The Telegraph