Best comedies of 2019: 10 standouts that make it into the top 20

By JOSH FROSTO | POLITICO Hollywood is getting back to basics, with the most popular films of the year set to appear in theaters.

The best comedies in 2019 are:Best comediesThe best comedy films of 2019The Best comediedo see an increase in theater attendance from the year before and have higher ratings than previous years.

The biggest surprise, however, is the release of the most critically acclaimed comedy of the decade, The Heat.

The movie stars Seth Rogen, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Josh Gad and James Franco as four men who meet in a small town after a weekend of celebrating the release date of their movie.

The group must now navigate the pressures of fame, betrayal and love while facing a growing number of women who don’t like the movie.

The film was nominated for six Academy Awards, including best picture and best director.

The nominations also included Best Picture for The Heat, Best Actor in a Motion Picture (Gad) for Michael Cera, Best Actress (Louis-Déreyfuses) for Louis C.K. and Best Supporting Actor (Favreau) for Woody Harrelson.