Why does Stephen Smith say he loves Donald Trump

Stephen Smith is a big fan of Donald Trump.

But he’s not sure whether he’ll vote for him in November.

The comedian, who’s best known for his role on the hit CBC series The Simpsons, says he has always been “anti-Trump” and “anti” everything that came out of the presidential campaign, and that’s why he loves Trump more than anyone.

“I’m very, very confused.

I’m a Republican, but I’m also a progressive.

I was for Trump,” Smith told CBC News from Toronto.

Smith said he’s been reading up on the Republican Party for years, and while he’s never voted for Trump, he was “really excited” when the GOP presidential nominee won the 2016 presidential election.

“You know, Trump is a little bit of a different breed than the other candidates.

He doesn’t seem to be a typical Republican politician.

It’s more like, he’s a big, strong guy.

He can be a little prickly.

He’s got a bit of an attitude problem.

He’ll tell you anything to get a job.

He gets a lot of things from his dad.

He likes to tell you how smart he is,” Smith said.

Smith’s views on the GOP candidates have changed over the years.

In November, he said Trump is “a bit of Trump, but he’s also a very, like, progressive.

He believes in social justice and the idea of equality.

And so that’s what I think of him.”

Smith, who was raised in New York City and grew up in the Bronx, said he knows that Trump is very different from the other Republican candidates because he’s from a different part of the country.

“The Trump supporters in New Jersey have always been pretty liberal, but in California it’s a little different.

The people who are here right now, they’re not very liberal,” Smith explained.”

Trump was always sort of, you know, a more progressive candidate than a typical candidate.

So I think that’s part of why he’s popular with the conservative Republican base, and also that’s just because he talks about social justice a lot.”

Smith said that Trump, in particular, talks about “social justice and equality.”

“He’s not a very traditional politician,” Smith continued.

“He’s got these different ideas about how to get things done.

He just talks a lot about social issues and all that sort of stuff.”

He said he is a Trump supporter because he believes “Trump is the only one who can actually do what we want to do.

So that’s how I feel about him.”

And he said that he will not vote for Trump in November, even if he is elected president.

“It’s kind of hard.

I just don’t think it’s going to happen,” Smith admitted.

“If I vote for [Trump], I’m just going to stay home and watch a lot less television, which I don’t like.”

Trump has been a strong supporter of Smith since he appeared on the popular Canadian television show The Simpsons and is now the president-elect.

Smith said he would vote for the Republican candidate.

“He seems to have a strong social-justice background and he’s very pro-social-justice,” Smith stated.

“I just think that he would be a really good president.

And that’s probably why I’m so excited about him.

He seems to be really smart.””

I think it will be really interesting to see what he does as president,” Smith added.