Which comic books should you read next?

A new book about the life of the great comic strip icon and its biggest fans, Iliza Dickman’s Iliza and the Adventures of Iliza: Comedians and Poets is published by the University of Southern California Press.

The book is the first to examine the careers of Dickman, her husband and fellow cartoonist Robert Crumb, and their respective comic book writers, as well as the creative output of their respective creators.

The two-volume edition will be available in November 2019.

Dickman first made her mark in the 1950s with the first issue of the long-running series.

She died in 2003 and her memoir was published in 2007.

Her memoirs were adapted into films and books, and the books have been adapted into TV shows and film series.

The books were adapted for the screen in 2008 and 2009.