What to watch in the first two hours of The Great Wall, with some bonus content

A new episode of the hit Netflix series The Great Barrier Reef is coming out in just under two hours, making for a super busy week ahead of the release of the new film in March. 

The Reef is the second new Netflix film to debut in just over two hours after the highly-anticipated debut of The Last King of Scotland, which was released on Friday. 

“It’s really an interesting time for Netflix because you see new movies that have not been on Netflix before,” Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos told The Hollywood Reporter.

“We have a new film every two hours.

So we’re really in a world of constant content, which makes it incredibly exciting for us to see what people are discovering and enjoying.” 

The Great Barrier is a popular Australian movie series created by and starring Adam Curtis.

It follows the life of a group of children living in a remote coral reef, with a few exceptions.

It premiered on Netflix in April 2018 and was followed by The Great Beauty, a remake of the original film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Olivia Wilde. 

What to watch during the first hour of The Reef The new episodes are coming out one hour before the films theatrical release, meaning that the new episodes of The Barrier Reef and The Great Seal of the Great Barrier Island are not available until the first of the month. 

 “The first thing I would say is that this is a lot of fun to watch,” Sarandios said.

“People are really excited about it.

The new movies have not yet been released, so they are waiting for the new ones.

I don’t think you can go wrong.

There are some really good new movies out there.” 

What do you think about the new movies coming out on Netflix this week?

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