The Oscars 2016 coverage: ‘Bachelor’ season finale takes center stage

Time’s coverage of the Golden Globes awards ceremony, the Emmy Awards, the Oscar nominations and more has been given over to The Bachelor finale.

We’ve picked out 10 of the best moments from the telecast that are sure to make you feel the most at home.1.

The Bachelor, episode 15: “A Night in the Life”In the wake of the shocking revelation that Ashley, Nick and Amber had slept together, the girls are now officially dating and dating back.

As the night unfolds, Nick finds himself in the midst of an emotional spiral and it all starts to unravel.2.

The Big Bang Theory, episode 11: “The Power of Two”As the Bachelor’s final weekend in Vegas, Josh, Danielle and Blake find themselves back in the game after spending two weeks on the road together.

Josh is more than ready for this game, and is willing to sacrifice his life to help his family in need.3.

The Bachelorette, episode 4: “It’s A Wonderful Life”With the season finale set to air later this week, we look back at the season’s first couple of episodes and what to expect from the upcoming final episodes.4.

The Vampire Diaries, episode 9: “Bachelor in Paradise”The B-Sides of this episode are a little less romantic, but still a big hit for fans.

The Bachelorettes have been friends for so long, they know each other intimately.

The finale sees them once again in the middle of a love triangle.5.

Game of Thrones, episode 5: “Winter Is Coming”The big twist of this season’s finale is how long the game will last.

Sansa and Podrick are both in their mid-20s and they know their marriage is going to be over soon.

They are desperate to keep it together.

But will they make it through the season?6.

Scandal, episode 2: “Dinner for Two”In this season-two episode, Ashley finally makes the decision that she and Nick both have to make.

As a result, she decides to take on her role as a surrogate mother to their child, while also trying to stay out of the spotlight.7.

Scream Queens, episode 1: “Sneak Preview”The first episode of Scream Queens is a huge moment for the show as it continues its quest to find its true identity.

As fans of the series prepare to welcome back Ashley, Rachel and Claire, fans of Scooby Doo will be excited to see what happens.8.

Scrappy Doo, episode 3: “My Life in the Biz”As a series finale, Scrappy does something few shows can.

In the end, the group decides to accept the fact that the series finale will take place, and that there is no more Scooby-Doo.9.

The Walking Dead, episode 6: “Fallout”The season finale of The Walking Dead was a huge win for AMC, as the show won three Emmys, four Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe for Outstanding Lead Actor.

However, one of the most memorable moments was the final scene between Michonne and her walker, Rick Grimes.

The walker had been dead for years, and he was ready to die, but Michonne’s last words to him before he was shot were “You are not alone.”


Mork & Mindy, episode 8: “Equal Parts Funny, Funny, Happy”After spending most of the season fighting for her life in an abusive marriage, Mork and Mindy finally make peace with each other.

The two share their feelings for one another and get ready to move on.11.

Scary Monsters, episode 14: “Monster of the Week”In one of TV’s most shocking endings, the entire family of five gets killed when a giant meteor lands in their backyard.

After the meteor kills everyone, the four survivors decide to stay behind to try and survive.12.

Scrubs, episode 16: “Family Secrets”The episode that gave Scrubs its reputation for being the most over-the-top of its time in its final season was undoubtedly the most touching.

After a family that is devastated by the death of their loved one, Liz and Joe finally find peace and a new purpose.13.

Glee, episode 10: “In the Night”The final episode of Glee sees everyone get together to watch the season premiere of the upcoming season.

It’s one of those moments where the audience gets to feel like they have the last laugh.14.

The CW’s Supernatural, episode 19: “Death of a Supernatural”It was only fitting that The CW’s upcoming Supernatural finale would be its most emotional.

Following the death and burial of the demon-hunter, Dean, Sam and Dean are still dealing with the aftermath.

The series finale sees a lot of heartbreak and heartache for Dean and Sam.15.The