The comedian who became a legend on Twitter is back on stage again

Comedy Central’s roast of a comedian who has become a national treasure is set to be filmed again. 

The comedian who had his own Twitter account, Tristan O’Connor, made his name in 2010 when he was filmed smoking cannabis and shouting racial slurs during a live show.

He was banned from the UK and Ireland for two years but went on to make a name for himself in America.

O’Connor was also one of the first comedians to have a stand-up show on his own stage and has performed live across the US since 2012.

The comedy central series, The Trevor Project, will air on Sunday, December 14.

The show is being filmed in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago, and will be broadcast by Comedy Central. 

O’Donnell has become famous for his outspoken criticism of the Trump administration, and was recently seen on stage during the US presidential inauguration.

He said: “I was on stage and I was so happy.

I just felt like I could do this.

It’s like being in a stage show.

You feel like you’re being transported from one room to another.” 

The show will be a collaboration between the US comedy club The Laugh Factory, which has hosted O’Donnell’s shows since 2009, and the Comedy Central brand.