How to live a happy comedy life

The happiest days of my life are the ones when I’m laughing at people I admire and sharing stories with them.

I’ve done it in my comedy, which is why I have such a high bar for happiness.

In fact, I feel like a comedian in the most flattering way.

I laugh, and I get really, really emotional.

It’s like I’ve been given a second chance.

So when I read the recent report from the US National Happiness Survey, I was absolutely stunned.

It turns out that I was not alone.

Across the US, as well as around the world, we have a surprisingly low level of happiness.

This is partly because the US has been very lucky in terms of economic growth and the number of people working is much higher.

The happiness of people is higher when they’re more confident in themselves.

That’s why the US seems to be on the right path for the past 40 years, although its unemployment rate is still well above that of most European countries.

In other words, happiness is in the driver’s seat.

I have never been happier in my life.

And this is probably because I’ve had so many great, positive experiences in life.

But as I’m writing this article, I’m not laughing anymore.

I’m thinking, “How am I going to get over this?”

There’s no doubt that the future will be really difficult.

And it’s not just because of our current economic situation.

Many of our friends and family have moved on and I’m left alone in my old room.

My wife is so worried about the future that she has started taking medication for anxiety and depression.

There are days when I worry I’ll break down and die, because the future is so uncertain.

The future is scary.

But I’m going to stick with it.

So, how can I live a happier life?

It’s easy to think about the positives.

The US and Europe have the highest number of positive traits, such as optimism and a sense of humour.

The Japanese and UK have similar levels.

In the UK, the happiness rate is higher than that of the US.

But there are many, many other things that help people to be happier.

For example, it’s more difficult to have a really happy childhood, so it makes sense to take more risks and enjoy life more.

So I can feel great joy when I am in a great mood.

I feel so much more alive when I can laugh and enjoy things.

I think people are better at managing their emotions, especially when they have been living in an insecure or difficult situation.

That helps to keep them moving forward.

There’s also good news.

When people feel happy, they’re less likely to go through bad times.

This can be especially true for those of us who live in a world that has a lot of materialism and materialism has a negative impact on us.

For many, this is a good thing, because it means we have more money and can spend it on other things.

So if you’re one of those people, having money can feel like the new normal.

The key is to have the confidence to spend it when it’s time to spend money.

It can also make it easier to enjoy life when you’re not constantly worrying about the next big sale or a new job.

In short, happiness gives us the confidence we need to be happy.

There is a downside, though.

Happiness doesn’t always mean you’re happy.

It might be a sign of stress, depression, anxiety, or a lot more.

I’d like to see more research on happiness.

But right now, it feels like the best option for me is to live happily, because that’s what I’m trying to do.

I want to live in the best possible way.

Happy days are great.

And so are laughs.