How to be a ‘Comedy Happy’ Man

It’s hard to be the most fun-loving, laugh-out-loud guy in the room.

But that’s exactly what John Henson did when he hosted the Comedy Happy Christmas movies for the first time in his career.

Henson, who is best known for hosting the Emmy-nominated comedy series, The Comedy Channel, is now the co-founder and president of Comedy Happy, a stand-up comedy shop.

In his first year, Henson sold out every comedy club in Los Angeles, and he’s had success in the past.

But this year, Comedy Happy is going a bit bigger.

He’s open to new shows, but the store is focused on the comedy that’s most in demand.

“The biggest draw of Comedy is the people,” Henson says.

“We have the highest-volume comedy clubs in the country.”

He says the shop also has a large and dedicated comedy club, and even some smaller ones.

“It’s just like a club, but it’s a club for comedians.

People can be in there for the laughs, or they can be there to get their act together,” he says.

For the past few years, Henison has been working with his partner, comedian John Henning, to make sure that the store can cater to the entire comedy spectrum.

The store is also offering the first comedy club on the East Coast, and the second in Texas.

The first club will open next month in L.A. and Henson will host a panel discussion on Friday night at the store to discuss the state of comedy in 2017.

The second comedy club is slated to open in the spring in Atlanta.

The comic is already looking forward to the new location.

“You know, if you go to L.L.A., you can see a lot of people from the East coast and the Midwest, so we’re definitely going to be able to attract a lot more people,” he said.

“I think people are starting to get a little more comfortable and we’re going to see a surge in demand.”

The store will also be offering comedy specials on its platform, such as The John Henner Show.

Henning is currently the coowner of a show on The Comedy Network called The John Henson Show, and his show, hosted by Henning and co-star Michael Strahan, is considered a cult favorite among comedians.

For Henning’s part, the comedy store has grown in size from its beginnings in 2014 to its current location.

For now, Henning says he’ll keep doing what he loves most, but with his new position as co-chair of Comedy Party.

“John has been doing comedy all his life,” he adds.

“And John has been a huge part of my life.

I’ve got a lot to live for, I guess.”

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