HBO Comedy Series: ‘Sharknado: The Second Coming’ title ‘Sharks’ and ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ stars reunite for HBO Comedy series

A second season of the Sharknado franchise is scheduled to debut this spring.

The two shows have a deal for the first installment to air on HBO in the fall.

The series, produced by Warner Bros. Television, will also include two new episodes, beginning on July 20.

The new season will debut on HBO on Thursday, Sept. 10.

“SharkNado: Second Coming” stars Josh Holloway as the title character, and Nick Offerman, Jason Schwartzman and Sarah Michelle Gellar return as the characters’ love interest and partner.

The show also stars David Hyde Pierce, Jodie Sweetin, Kevin Hart, Sarah Paulson, Jason Isaacs, Jason Mitchell and Tye Sheridan.

The sequel to Sharknados 1997 hit film series, which was produced by Universal Television, is being directed by Chris Morgan.

“I am thrilled to be joining the HBO family and to be a part of a new era of Sharknades.

I’m thrilled to continue the great spirit of storytelling and I can’t wait to share the stories with you,” said Morgan.

The second season will feature new episodes of “Sharks,” “PitchPerfect 2” and “Pompeo’s World” to be shot in Hawaii, with new scenes from the first season of “Pillow Fight,” which is slated to premiere on Sept. 13.

“Pimples & Paws,” directed by John Musker, is set to premiere in October.

The first season also will feature episodes of both “Pimp My Ride” and the “Pineapple Express” series.

The third season of Shark nados season is slated for a mid-April premiere on HBO.

The “Poker Night in America” series will premiere in March.

The fourth season of episodes of Shark, which will air from Sept. 12-16, will feature scenes from a number of Shark movies, including “Dirty Dancing,” “Shrek” and more.

The fifth season of episode “Shank” is scheduled for a March premiere.

The sixth season of series will feature a new episode on Sept 5.

“Dumb and Dumber To” is set for a April premiere.