Comedy Store: “It’s a Christmas movie, so there’s no way you can miss it”

Comedy Store is one of the hottest comedy streaming services, with over 1.5 million subscribers.

But they’re also one of those businesses that can get a little too comfortable with their position in the industry, and they’ve decided to make a little money off it.

The company launched a series of YouTube comedy shorts that it claims have been watched by over 4 million subscribers, and now the company is taking their videos and turning them into a series on the site.

The videos are called “Comedy in a Box” and are meant to be a sort of comedic “Christmas miracle” in which the comedian attempts to make sense of the events that have happened during the holidays.

The comedian behind the videos, Matthew Grazier, told the BBC he thinks they’re “the most funny Christmas videos I’ve ever seen”.

“They’re not all funny, but they’re all funny,” he said.

“I’m always trying to make them funnier.”

The comedian’s latest series is titled “Christmas in the Sky”.

He says the videos are meant for “people who are just like me” who have been struggling with Christmas and feel they have nothing to laugh about.

“It’s not really that we’re trying to say to people what to do or how to celebrate Christmas, it’s just trying to put the best spin on things,” he explained.

“We want people to feel like Christmas is not about us.

We’re not really trying to tell you how to do it, we’re just trying and trying and hoping that the best way we can to show people that it’s not about you.”

The company said the videos were “made in the spirit of Christmas”.

Grazier told the Independent that they had already received over 10,000 requests for more videos, and are looking to expand that list to “the best” of comedy content.

“Christmas is always going to be funny, it just happens to be so,” he told the outlet.

“And we want to be like everyone else and not try and say how to say Christmas.”

Read more about the comedy store and their series on YouTube here.

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