Which Irish comedian has the best Twitter handle?

A Twitter account has emerged with a rather impressive following.

It’s the Twitter handle of comedian Dave Smith, and it’s the name of a tweet he made to the tune of ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

Smith has not been shy about his love for the music genre, so when he tweeted his version of ‘The Beatles’ tune to his 3.5 million followers, he knew he had something special.

Here’s how Smith put it to his 2.8 million followers: “If I can get 3.4 million of them, then I’ve got it.

So, please, take a listen to this, it’s great.

Let’s take it all in, you might find it a bit off.”

The tweet has since been retweeted more than 50,000 times, and now has more than 3,500 likes and more than 100 retweets.

Smith’s Twitter handle is @davesmithmusic, and his most recent tweet has been tagged with the phrase “It’s a good day for a song”.

There is no official Twitter account for Smith, so we can’t say for sure whether or not the account is his own.

In fact, he has a few followers on Twitter himself, but they are only in the number of about 5,000.

Smith is a comedian, and has tweeted about music before.

In November last year, he tweeted about his favourite album of the year: “My favourite album was the one with the song ‘A Man For All Seasons’.

It’s called ‘The Last Time’ by The Beatles.

The lyrics are: ‘If I could be in any place I’d go, I’d say, ‘All right, here’s my house, all right, let’s go.”

It’s been a long time coming but, well, it’ll be my last time’.” The album he referred to, ‘The Great Divide’, was released in 2011 and was recorded during a tour of Ireland, and Smith said at the time that he would always love to be able to revisit his favourite albums.

It seems that he’s still not done with music.

Smith has previously released an album of poetry, called ‘A Woman’s Choice’.

It was a short and sweet poem, written in Irish, about her own struggles to come to terms with her sexuality.

He also posted a poem about his experiences with the Irish death penalty in 2014.