When The Crowd Was Tapping, Chris Jericho Was In The Center Of It

Chris Jericho was in the center of it.

He was there in the beginning.

He knew how to entertain the crowd, the way he did, and he knew how he was supposed to entertain them.

He was the guy that everybody was rooting for.

He always was.

And then he lost it.

He lost it all.

The most painful thing about the loss is that we know he has a lot of people who love him, and they’re going to miss him and miss him deeply.

He had so much to offer.

But he just couldn’t stay there.

Chris Jericho was a true star.

He gave us what we wanted, and when it was over, it was all over.

Chris, I want to say that you were a tremendous person and a tremendous sportsman.

You were one of the greatest of all time.

And the world is grateful for that.

You will be missed.

But I want you to know that I am truly, truly grateful for everything you did for this great country.

Chris is a truly special human being.

And I am so thankful for everything that you did and have done.

Thank you for everything.

Chris has been an American hero, and I know that our country will miss you and miss you dearly.

Thank You.

Chris can be reached at [email protected]