‘We can do better’ – Oscar-winning director on why ‘Shakespeare’ deserves more awards

On Monday, HBO’s “Shakespeare in Love” won its second consecutive Oscar, becoming the first film to win two awards at the ceremony.

It won best picture and best original screenplay for “The Tempest” and “The Merchant of Venice,” respectively, and best director, for its film adaptation of “Julius Caesar.”

It also won best foreign language film for “Julie and Julia” and best foreign-language director for its “The King’s Speech.”

The Oscar was given to a film about the life of a man who is tortured and killed by a mob in 17th century France, and it is considered to be the most important film in its category since the 1968 Oscars.

The Oscar nominations were announced at a ceremony in Los Angeles, hosted by George Clooney.

They were followed by a ceremony honoring the 20th anniversary of the Oscar nominations in New York, which was attended by actor and actress Martin Sheen and his wife, actress Eva Longoria.HBO and Sony Pictures will release the winners of each of the three categories on Jan. 27.

The first film will be announced at the end of January.