The Mitzi Comedy Store’s new “Passionate Comedy” app is not only a comedy podcast, it’s also a dating app

NEW YORK—After launching in October, the MitzI Comedy Store, an app that connects users with local comedy talent, has been downloaded over 50,000 times and has attracted more than 4.4 million unique monthly users.

The app, which was previously available only to Apple iOS users, was initially launched as a service to local talent, but it has been expanding into other areas as well.

The new app, named Passionate Comedy, is a dating service that allows users to search for the person they are looking for through a photo, and the app has been developed by the comedy app company Mitz Ils Comedy, with the help of comedian, podcaster, and podcaster-in-residence Adam Giesbrecht.

Giesbrocht told Breitbart News, “We created Passionate to allow the community to connect and connect to people that they may not otherwise know, and to make that connection a fun one.

Passionate has been the perfect complement to our podcast and to our community.”

The app is also available on the Mizzou College app store, which has been popular with college students.

“The Mitzs have been really, really supportive of the Mizmus Comedy Store over the past few years,” Giesbracht said.

“They’re great at building partnerships with us.

They were really open and willing to help us bring in some of our friends.

We’re excited to be working with them again and hope to bring a new, innovative approach to the platform.”

The Mizzu is the largest college comedy event in the country, with more than 5,000 events and more than 20,000 people attending each year.

The event, which is hosted by the Mazzocca Center, offers a wide variety of local and international talent including local talent from the area, as well as regional and national performers.

The Mizlus are also hosting the annual Midwest Comedy Festival, which takes place on the campus of Mizzōs College.

“Our mission is to bring the Mzus to students, and we think that the MZus have a great story, and an incredible story of talent and passion and love and talent and community,” said Adam Gysbrecht, co-founder and CEO of Mitz-Ils Comedy.

“It’s important that we bring the same kind of energy that we do to our local talent.

Passionated Comedy is an effort to create a community that is fun and a fun experience for people to go to, and for the comedians to connect with their audiences.

Passionates is a great way for us to connect those communities.”

Passionate will soon be available on iOS devices and Android devices, as the app is already available on Android.

Gysbrocht said, “I’ve got to say I’m excited about the new Passionate.

I think that they’re going to be a hit with the young people who are coming to Mitz in particular.

I’m just hoping that we get the right app and they get the app that they really want.

They really want the same experience.”