How to talk about ‘cunt’ in South Dakota

A South Dakota high school student says the term “cunt” has been used by other students to describe her and she’s offended by it.

The 17-year-old, who asked not to be identified because she’s not allowed to be on school property, said she and a friend were talking about the term last week when the term was used.

She said she said, ‘Oh my God, you’re just like the c-word, and you’re like, ‘Yeah, I’m a c-n-t,’ and that’s it.

“She said the term is being used by some classmates and she knows she should be ashamed.

But she’s determined to change the phrase.”

I don’t want to be like, what you’re saying is wrong, you shouldn’t be using that word and you should be using something else,” she said.

She said she knows other South Dakotans have called her a “cunty,” “bitch” and “bimbos.””

It’s just something I don’t feel comfortable using,” she added.

She’s also worried about what other people are saying.”

There are people in the comments, ‘I hate your word,’ and stuff like that, but there are people who are saying, ‘Don’t use it,'” she said of the derogatory term.”

It bothers me.

I just want to say it’s not OK to use the word.

And I’m going to do everything in my power to change it.