How to start a comedy club in Houston

A gay comedian and comic club in a small Texas town was recently featured in a new documentary about gay rights, which was released by Netflix.

In the film, comedian Alex Bazzo explains how he and other gay comedians started the club to support each other, and they are still going strong.

In a phone interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep, Bazzanos, who is known for his role as a gay cowboy in The Lone Ranger, said his club is still going on.

The club, The Bazzano, opened in November of 2014.

The documentary, “Homos” (premiering at the Sundance Film Festival on Monday), shows the first meeting between Bazzon and his new partner, Alex, and their first standup show.

In it, Baskanos and Alex play a comedy game called The Boggle where they have to find out how many other gay people they know.

“I was actually quite nervous, because I don’t know if it would be funny,” Basko said in the interview.

“But then I realised it was so much fun.”

It was a surreal experience, he said, because “The Boggle” is just a group of people, with a common goal.

“We’re just two guys with a very simple goal in mind, which is to help each other,” Bazza told Inskeep.

“It was fun, we had a good time.

It was a little bit of a relief that we were able to play the game together.”

Bazzano and Alex had already had their first meeting in 2013, when they met at a San Francisco gay bar.

Bazzana said they decided to open the club after Alex told Baskany that he was going to be going to a gay wedding, and Baskanas first act was to try and find someone who knew about the event.

Baskana said that when they first started the show, they only played a few times.

“It was just a bunch of random people that didn’t know about gay culture, or about gay politics, and it was really just a big waste of time,” he said.

In 2014, Banares said he decided to make a point of not playing a game where there were only gay people.

“The people who are not gay are really just in the background, so that was a good way to start,” he explained.

“So we decided to start to play games where we are not just in a room together.”

Our first time, we started at a restaurant, but it was a very small group of us.

We were just doing the Boggle, but we did a lot of jokes about it.

“Then in the beginning of this year, we played a show that was bigger than we could have ever imagined,” Banaanas added.

“And it was the biggest show in Texas.

And it was such a great show, that we wanted to do it again, because it was just so good.”

So we had to change the rules of the game, because there were just so many other people that weren’t gay.

And so, we said, ‘Okay, if you’re gay, you are welcome to join us, because we’re here.’

“Bazzana added that he and Alex decided to try to start playing the show on a smaller scale, to see if they could find people who would play the show with them, and get feedback from other gay characters.

Bazzanas friends at the bar started to tell him that they didn’t want to play, but the group eventually found a person they liked.

Bazano said he and his partner decided to play in the same room, but Alex decided he would be playing in the audience.””

There was no one else to play with, so we decided that we would try and get some feedback from the other people who were there,” he told Insweres.

Bazano said he and his partner decided to play in the same room, but Alex decided he would be playing in the audience.

“At first we didn’t play because we thought that it would make the audience think it was an outsider.

And then we realised that we actually liked the other guys playing in there, and we felt very comfortable there, so the whole thing happened in the crowd,” Bazano explained.

In one scene, Alex asks Bazzans friend if he can play a game.

“There was a guy there who was gay, and he had a question for me,” Bans said.

“He said, do you know how many gay people in Houston there are?

And I said, I don, but I know that there are a lot more than that, and so we said we’ll play and he’ll be here.

And he said he could play, so I played and he was playing.”

Brazans friend was shocked to find that the person playing in his place