How to create an ‘Auntie’ with 10-year-old children

On Saturday, an 11-year old girl, who was born to a family of 10, was declared the first ever recipient of the prestigious Padma Bhushan Award, given by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The award was conferred by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a function to honour the ‘Achievement of Women and Girls in India 2017’.

She is the second such award to be conferred after that of Bollywood actress Tarini Bose and former BJP MP Ashok Mishra in 2014.

In her acceptance speech, Ms Bose said that while her family of five were always busy, the only reason she could afford to travel to the United States was to visit her auntie in India, who is also a teacher.

“I had to ask her, how much money I can save in the next year?

The answer was that it was nothing, but I can help my niece’s family to earn more money in the near future,” she said.”

She is also studying at an advanced college in the United Kingdom and my sister and I will be going to the UK with her,” she added.

Ms Bose, a former actress, is the daughter of actress Taran Shah.

She and her husband Kavita Rao were among those who donated their 10-month-old daughter to the BJP for the 2016 general election campaign.

Ms Bode, who holds degrees in sociology and political science, said that she was looking forward to getting married and starting a family.

The Padma award is an honour given by Congress and BJP leaders to distinguished individuals in the Indian public sphere.

The winner will be announced in May 2019.