Dick Gregory, ‘Sick Man’ comedian dies at 73

Dick Gregory has died, according to his son.

He was 73.

His son, Greg Gregory, confirmed the news on his Facebook page on Sunday.

In a statement, the comedian’s wife, Barbara Gregory, said her husband died at her home on Friday in Los Angeles.

“He passed away peacefully this morning surrounded by his family, friends and co-workers.

His passing is a devastating blow to us all,” the statement said.

“He was a beloved son and husband to many, and a devoted husband and father.

He will be deeply missed by everyone he touched.”

Gregory was born in Pittsburgh in 1953 and moved to Los Angeles in the early 1960s.

He went on to make two films: “The Sick Man” in 1971 and “A Man’s Work” in 1973.

He also worked in theater and TV commercials.

In addition to his work in comedy, Gregory was a writer, director and producer.

He directed the Oscar-nominated 1992 film “The Dick Gregory Show” starring Tom Cruise.

Gregory also co-hosted the television show “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,” which he produced with his son, George.

Gregor Gregory, an actor, producer and television writer, was born Richard Gregory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on July 1, 1953.

He attended Westmoreland County Community College in San Francisco before joining the Army Air Corps in 1959.

He joined the Air Force in 1970 and served until 1981, then retired.