Comedian David Arnold joins forces with actor Matt Bellamy to launch ‘Troll’ TV series – AFR

Comedian and actor Matt Smith is launching his own brand of humour called ‘Trolling the Trolls’ with the creation of a series of television shows based on the books of David Arnold.

Smith is taking the name of the ‘Tolley Brothers’, a fictional character that is a parody of a fictionalised version of the late British comedy writer David Arnold, and the show will explore the origins of the character and the relationship between David and his family, as well as the life of the family dog, Lolo.

The series will air on ABC Television in early 2019.

Trolls will also be available to stream on ABC TV and Netflix in the US and UK, as part of a partnership with Cartoon Network.

“I think that David Arnold has become one of the most recognisable names in Australian entertainment history,” Smith said.

Matt Bellamy will star as the title character in ‘Tolls’ series, with the first episode being released in 2018.

Photo: ABC Entertainment Smith, who is a regular on the US version of The Simpsons, said that the character of David was “not just a British writer, he’s a very Australian and very Australiany writer”.

“That’s really what I’m hoping to do with this series, to take the character as a person, to tell the story of how this family has been through the years,” Smith told AAP.

In addition to the original ‘Tolles’ books, Smith will be creating his own version of ‘Toady’, based on Arnold’s novel ‘The Little Prince’.

The Australian actor will also feature in the first series of ‘The Trolls’, set in Victorian London in the late 19th century.

On the series, the cast will be a mixture of Australian and American comedians, with Smith acting as the voice of the titular ‘Toker’, and Bellamy as the tit, Tolly.

Bellamy said that he hoped that the series would allow him to bring “some humour to the table that is not so much about the books, but more about the lives of these people”.

Smith said he was inspired to create the show by his father, a “long time Australian of Chinese heritage”, who was also “very British and Britishy”, and was influenced by Arnold’s work.

“I thought ‘I want to bring something different to the Australian comedy scene, so we could get some of these funny guys to come to Australia,'” Smith said, adding that he had not yet decided whether he would star in the series.

But Smith’s role as the fictionalised character is something that he has wanted to pursue for a long time, and it has been a long process.

He said that his dad, who was a “very old fashioned” actor, told him about the idea of “trolling the troll” after the death of his father in 2007.

Since the death, Smith has been in talks with the Arnold family to make the show a reality.””

‘If he could do this, he’d do it for me’,” Smith said he wrote to his father.

Since the death, Smith has been in talks with the Arnold family to make the show a reality.

“My dad said ‘no, I think I can do it’, but I have to go back to work,” Smith added.

ABC Entertainment Managing Director, David Hill, said the partnership with Bellamy was “a brilliant one”.

“We were thrilled to welcome Matt Bellamys son to ABC TV, and with Matt we have a great new talent to support our work with David,” Hill said.

“We are thrilled to see this unique combination of comedy and drama to take on the troll genre, which is currently very strong.”

“Troll” will also debut on ABC 2 and ABC Radio 2.

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