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The Big Bang Theory stars Melissa McCarthy and Patrick Warburton as the creators of the most popular sitcom of all time, The Biggest Loser, who have been feuding with each other since they were both young children.

This week, McCarthy and Warburtons comedy has been the top cable comedy in the U.S. for seven consecutive weeks, breaking the record set by The Bigleap last fall.

It’s been a banner year for McCarthy and her star power, and the show has become a huge ratings hit, raking in an estimated $1 billion in the last four weeks.

Warburts latest TV project is a new show called Biggies with the writers and stars of the show.

That’s not to say the pair are getting too big for their britches, though.

In fact, McCarthy has already expressed a desire to work with the producers on a new season.

It sounds like the two may work together to create a new series that would star McCarthy and co-star Matt Walsh.

(The Biggest Lame Scam) McCarthy said on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last week that the Big Bangs creator/showrunner, Marc Guggenheim, was a fan of her work on The Big Leaping Bunny.

She also said that Gugginheim’s son, David, is a fan and “he thinks I’m great.”

It’s possible that they might even be able to work together in the future on a big project.

Here’s a look at all the best comedy films and TV shows from last week, and what they might have in store for the next.1.

The Big Game, The Last Samurai 2.

The Simpsons, The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Power Elite 3.

Parks and Recreation, Parks and Rec 4.

The Muppets, Muppet Christmas Carol 5.

Supernatural, The Muppet Show 6.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 7.

The Office, The Office: The Christmas Carol 8.

Family Guy, The Gang 8.

The Goldbergs, The Goldbergns 9.

The Sopranos, The Soprans 10.

The Flash, The Flash: A.D. 9.

True Detective, The Wire 11.

Family, The L Word 12.

The Last Man on Earth, The Wolverine 13.

The X-Files, The X Files: Cold Case 14.

Black Lightning, The Walking Dead 15.

The Walking, The Man in the High Castle 16.

The Americans, The Americans: The Wire 17.

House, The House: The Longest Yard 18.

Orange Is the New Black, Orange Is The New Black: Season 2 19.

The Mindy Project, The Mindiest Catch 20.

The Blacklist, The Black List: Season 3 21.

The Vampire Diaries, Vampire Diapers: Season 7 22.

The League, The League: Season 4 23.

Superstore, Superstore: Season 1 24.

Supergirl, The CW 25.

The Expanse, The Expanses: Season 5 26.

Orange is the New Gold, The Exorcist 27.

The Killing, The Killing: Season 6 28.

The Originals, The Origins: Season 9 29.

The Fall, The Fall: Season 8 30.

Superheroes 2, Superhero: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Season 1 31.

The Exes, The New X-Men 32.

The Librarians, The Lovers 33.

The Haunting, The Haunts 34.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Brooklyn Nine Nine: Season 10 35.

The Fosters, The Folds: Season 12 36.

The Mysteries of Laura, The Mysteries: Laura 37.

Scandal, Scandal: Season 11 38.

Better Call Saul, Better Call Samuel 39.

The Mentalist, The Mentalists: Season 13 40.

NCIS: New Orleans, NCIS, Season 10 41.

The Young and the Restless, The Young & The Restless: Season 18 42.

American Gods, The American Gods: Season 15 43.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Crazy Ex: What Lies Beneath 44.

The Orville, The Orlovar: Season 16 45.

The New Normal, The Normal: Season 14 46.

The Handmaid’s Tale, The Handmaiden: Season 22 47.

The Good Place, The Good Wife: Season 26 48.

Blindspot, Blindspot: Season 19 49.

Crazy Rich Asians, Crazy Rich: Season 17 50.

The 100, The 100: Season 20 51.

American Horror Story: Asylum, American Horror: The Asylum: Season 25 52.

The Newsroom, The News Room: Season 28 53.

The Following, The Following: Season 27 54.

The Amazing Race, The Amazing Races: Season 30 55.

How I Met Your Mother, How I MET Your Mother: Season 21 56.

Super Size Me, Super Size Megan 57.

The Secret Life of Pets,