How the world’s most notorious troll was banned from Twitter after his tweets sparked global outrage

By Mark RichardsonThe world’s biggest troll has been banned from the social media platform after a number of his tweets caused outrage.

Dick Gregory, a former BBC radio presenter, tweeted: “I don’t understand why it’s taken this long to take away the freedom of speech of all those idiots who have been posting this stuff on Twitter.

You’ve had it for a few years.”

Dicks reaction to the ban was immediate and vicious.

He tweeted:”If you are not outraged at the injustice of the ban on @BBCUK, then you have nothing to be outraged about.

And you have no right to criticise the decision, either.

I will not stop posting these lies and propaganda.”

Dick also criticised Twitter’s new “trolls policy”, which he described as “an attempt to censor the entire internet” by removing tweets from accounts “that are critical of the state”.

“They will censor all the tweets.

You can’t say you’re not offended by that, so how can you be a critic of the banning of this stupid policy?” he wrote.

Dicks tweets, which included racist and anti-Semitic posts, were deleted from Twitter on Thursday.

His tweets included a series of tweets that claimed “the white race is dying and it’s a sad day for Britain”, and claimed the “white race is being wiped out by a mass migration of brown people” from Eastern Europe.

Twitter told The Independent it was “confident” in the decision to ban him, and said it was working with the police to investigate the case.

“We’ve spoken to the police about this, and have taken steps to ensure the tweet does not appear on Twitter,” a spokesperson said.

“The police are also investigating whether any offences were committed.

We can confirm that the account has been removed.”

The tweet has since been removed from Twitter, with a message from the account asking for anyone with any information to contact police.