Comedian, comedian of manners dies at 65

Comedian and comedian of the streets comedian and comic of manners comedian of sorts, who came to prominence after his father’s death in 1977, has died, The Washington Post reports.

Born in Washington, D.C., comedian of customs Howard Groubert was one of the first black entertainers to play the role of an entertainer on television.

He first became famous in the 1970s, playing the title role in the classic television sitcom, The Muppet Show, and later in the 1980s, the series Taxi Driver.

He starred on several TV shows and also appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, where he played a “sideshow” clown, or clown with a cane.

Howard G. Groubor, who played the title character of the 1973 hit comedy of manners series, The Wizard of Oz, died Sunday, May 23, 2018.

He was 65.

He had been battling leukemia for the past two years.

He and his wife, actress Joan Groub, have two sons.

Howard’s other son, former actor John Groubour, was also a longtime friend and colleague of his.

“I miss him dearly.

I will always cherish his smile and laugh.

He touched so many people.

He made us laugh.

And I will miss him, too.

He always told me how much he loved my mother, my wife, and my kids.

He never stopped being Howard.

He’s missed so much.

We’ll never be able to take it all away.

He left us so much to live for,” John G. said in a statement.

“Howard is a great man who was not afraid to let the world know how much they meant to him.

His smile will never fade.

I miss him so much.”

Grouben died at home in his hometown of North Las Vegas, the Post reports, with a note that said he was “going to miss you dearly.”