Actor John Mulaney says he’s a fan of Donald Trump’s Comedy Central show, but he won’t be attending any upcoming shows

Actor John “Jello” Mulaney, who has starred in several movies including “The Wolf of Wall Street,” said in an interview with TMZ that he has “always loved” Donald Trump.

Mulaney, 50, who plays Jello on the comedy series “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” said he would not be attending the network’s upcoming season of “Comedy Central Presents: The Comedy Awards.”

“I have always been a fan,” he said.

“I’ve always wanted to do more stuff with him.

I’ll be watching the awards.

I hope it’s going to be good.

But no, I’m not going.”

Mulany is known for his portrayal of Trump on the NBC comedy show “Saturday Night Live,” where he was nominated for the Emmy for best sketch comedy actor in 2008.

In the same interview, Mulaney said he has never had a conversation about voting for Trump.

“I’m not interested in being part of the conversation, because that’s not what the president of the United States is supposed to be doing,” he told TMZ.

“You’re a puppet, you’re a actor, you have to put up with it, you’ve got to go along with it.

That’s what I do.

I do what he says, I don’t think it’s fair, and he is a puppet.”

The actor said that he hopes that his “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” show, which airs Sundays at 8 p.m.

ET on CBS, is a good place to be in terms of “going in and being a good actor and being funny.”

“It’s going down on a Saturday night, it’s a very good place, but you need to be a good comedian and be entertaining,” he added.

“People should know they can’t vote for this guy.”MULANEY ON TRUMP: ‘It’s not fair.

He has no control over his policies.

It’s like a puppet.

It doesn’t have any personality.’ source Fourfourtwo title Actor’s Trump interview gets mixed reviews on Twitter article Actor and “The Colbert Report” host John Mulanne is on a mission to get Trump out of office.MULANE: He’s a puppet and he’s doing whatever he wants, and it’s not a puppet in my book.

He is a very effective puppet, and that’s what you should watch for.

We’ve seen the videos.

We know how he’s going and we know what he wants.

It is a joke.

It will not succeed.

It does not have personality.

You don’t have to like it.

It has to work for you.

You’re going to have to be entertaining.

It might not work for everybody.

It can work for Donald Trump, but not everybody likes him.

It may be a very bad idea for him.

He will never change.

It’ll be a bad idea.

It won’t work for him, but it won’t do anything for us.

He’s an effective puppet.

He doesn’t even like the puppet.