Comedian Missy Higgins has a secret life, she says in her new book

Comedian and TV personality Missy Hughes has written a book, I Love You, You’re Mine: My Secret Life, that’s filled with personal anecdotes and personal confessions.In the book, she’s been very open about her struggle with depression and bipolar disorder, […]

Comedian David Cross on the ‘Boom’ Effect of Comedy, ‘Comedy TV Shows’

Comedian and writer David Cross says the “Boom” effect of comedy shows is creating an “enthusiasm bubble” that has created a “crazy” feeling among viewers, especially younger people.He says this “bubble” has led to the rise of “self-congratulatory comedy” and […]

How to Be a Man in Hollywood: A Guide to Being a Celebrity Without Getting Married

This is a guest post from our friend Lauren, a former professional writer who now teaches at USC.Lauren and I are writing this article together for her first book, A Million Things You Can’t Say in Your Career: Secrets from […]

How to watch @Boris_Khan and @DylanFowler on the Sky Sports app – the full story

Liverpool manager Jose Mourinho was at a party at the end of the season, when he was drinking, and decided to play a game of “chump” with some friends.Mourinho said he didn’t think he was going to win the game, […]